Light at the End of the Tunnel

Since Swanky Kitchen Band first started 20 years ago in 2003, there have been countless concerts, school demos, performances, jam sessions, hours put in the studio and trips overseas as we have embraced our mission to keep Caymanian music and heritage alive.  

The journey to date has been filled with many ups and downs.  Starting off as a 3 piece band in August 2003, we quickly grew to 4 then 5 members by 2007.   Then by 2011, we became a 10 member ensemble.  2018 and 2019 would prove to be difficult years for the SKB as we were rocked by the passing of 2 band members, Jonathan Ebanks and Stanley Ebanks as well as our beloved producer, Charles Gregory all within a year.   Of course 2020 brought with it the Covid-19 pandemic which shut down activity around the world.   

So there was a 2-3 year period where our musical productivity was impacted by the concoction of events that occurred.  However, the bond that existed within the band, kept the vision and the mission alive.

You see, SKB recognises that it occupies a very unique and critically important space in the Cayman Islands- we are the guardians of the Caymanian identity.  This music provides light and hope to our people who are struggling with a sense of identity especially as many physical or cultural landmarks are disappearing and many of the older folks who were practitioners and protectors of our traditions are passing away.

SKB's style of music, storytelling and entertainment provide light at the end of the tunnel.  

However it's a two way street.  Our inspiration as musicians comes from our people.  The joy we see on their faces the dancing, the fun, the jokes that we share, it is all part of a symbiotic relationship between us as artists and them as our audience that creates a virtuous circle and yes light.  Because we need light at the end of our tunnel.  We need know that through the 20 years of hard work, of commitment, of ups and downs, of tragedy there is still hope.  

So as SKB moves into it's next phase as international performers who are carrying the Caymanian flag around the world, we want to thank our families, our friends and our fans for the light they have shown upon us which continues to inspire and guide us.  


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